Welcome to the website of Chelmsford & District Auto Club
We are a club for competitive off-road motorcyclists and those with an interest in competitive off-road motor cycling. The club is affiliated to the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU), the governing body of British motorcycle sport, via the Eastern Centre ACU. Chelmsford & DAC are proud to be sponsored by Money Expert.
We do NOT host a Forum on this website. However, this does not preclude ANYONE from writing to us or or emailing us via the Contact Us page. Should we consider the item to be pertinent and appropriate, we reserve the right to publish it. All we ask is that articles/items for publication should include a valid mailing or email address and the authors name. These details can of course be omitted from any published material by request. The major reason for not having a forum is to remove the likelihood of the forum being abused by people who believe they may have a grievance. Sadly, although forums can do a lot of good in keeping visitors informed, they can also cause a lot of damage to vulnerable people who have little or no opportunity to respond. We do NOT wish to be associated with such a practice, hence we currently have no forum.
On this site you will also find details of events that are due to take place within East Anglia and in some cases, a link to a map showing the location of the venue. Very important if you are new to the sport or new to the area.
There are also pages on 'How to get Started'. Although we would like you to become a member of the Chelmsford & District Auto Club, it is not our intention to prevent you from joining a club which has more in common with your particular off-road interests or is perhaps more convenient geographically. We have not included a list of clubs in the Eastern Centre ACU on this website although full details including contact details can be found on the Eastern Centre website.
Finally, please feel free to browse our site and if you wish, please send us your comments via the message form on the Contact Us page.
Enjoy your time with us.

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